Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito, 5.2

We are delighted to announce the publication of the tenth issue of the international bilingual journal Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito, which was officially launched during the CFL Symposium yesterday at Aston University. This volume (5.2) is a special issue on ‘Computational Forensic Linguistics’. As both academic and practicing forensic linguists know, the theme is unavoidable and has gained relevance over the years, as technology and natural language processing methods and techniques have evolved. This issue attempts to discuss some of the core issues underlying computational approaches to Forensic Linguistics by including a balanced set of six articles written by linguists and computer scientists: Shlomo Engelson Argamon, Andrea Nini, Sheila Queralt, Patrick Juola, Francisco Rangel & Paolo Rosso and Rui Sousa-Silva. The full contents list is reproduced at the end of this message.

The special issue of Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito can be downloaded free in full form and individually, article by article, at:

Feedback received so far on earlier issues has been extremely positive and the Editors hope that this issue will be received equally well, given the relevance of the topic and especially the high quality of the articles. As Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito has no printing costs, it can be extremely flexible to individual author’s requirements: not only can it publish quickly all the high quality articles it receives, but also it can cope with long appendices, reproduce illustrations, photographs and tables in colour, and embed sound files and hyperlinks as necessary. The issues published so far are a clear illustration of this flexibility. Additionally, as Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito is truly Open Access, readers have full free access to all articles at any time, with no processing charges for authors.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage submissions from researchers worldwide who are working in the areas of Forensic Linguistics and Language and Law. The next issue, 6(1) to be published in June 2019, will be a special issue featuring articles presented at the 2018 Language and Law conference in Brazil, while issue 6(2) will be a general issue and is to be published in December 2019. Submission for this and forthcoming issues is open.

Thank you very much for your continued support of this journal.

Rui Sousa-Silva & Malcolm Coulthard


Rui Sousa-Silva & Malcolm Coulthard

Nota Introdutória
Rui Sousa-Silva & Malcolm Coulthard

Computational Forensic Authorship Analysis: Promises and Pitfalls
Shlomo Engelson Argamon

Developing forensic authorship profiling
Andrea Nini

The creation of Base Rate Knowledge of linguistic variables and the implementation of likelihood ratios to authorship attribution in forensic text comparison
Sheila Queralt

The Rowling Protocol, Steven Bannon, and Rogue POTUS Staff: a Study in Computational Authorship Attribution
Patrick Juola

Patrick Juola

On the Implications of the General Data Protection Regulation on the Organisation of Evaluation Tasks
Francisco Rangel & Paolo Rosso

Computational Forensic Linguistics: An Overview of Computational Applications in Forensic Contexts
Rui Sousa-Silva

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